Sebastián Lelio (Gloria) returns with a groundbreaking, deeply humane and Academy Award-winning story about a trans woman’s fight for acceptance. Anchored by a powerhouse central performance from rising star Daniela Vega, this Oscar-nominated film is an urgent call for compassion towards a community that faces bigotry and hostility on a daily basis. Vega plays Marina Vidal, a young singer whose life is thrown into turmoil following the sudden death of her partner, Orlando. Met with suspicion from the police and contempt from her lover’s relatives, Marina finds herself placed under intense scrutiny, with no regard for her privacy, or her grief. As tensions rise between Marina and Orlando’s family, she is evicted from their shared home and banned from attending his funeral. But faced with the threat of losing everything, Marina finds the strength to fight back. From the producers of Jackie, Spotlight and Toni Erdmann, A Fantastic Woman is an outstanding, timely work that recalls the very best films of Pedro Almodóvar. Soaked in luminous visuals and elevated by elegant flights of surrealism, it is a courageous, audacious and defiant declaration of Marina’s status as a woman – and a fantastic one, at that.

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Sebastián Lelio
Director's statement: I see A Fantastic Woman as a film of aesthetic splendour, narrative vigour, tension and emotion. Polytonal, multi-experiential, multi-emotional. It’s a film that is both a celebration and examination of its main character: Marina Vidal. What will the viewers see when they see Marina? A woman, a man, or the sum of both? They will see a human being who constantly changes before their eyes, who flows, vibrates and modifies herself. What they are seeing isn’t precisely what they are seeing, and this condition turns Marina into a vortex that attracts the viewer’s fantasy and desire, inviting them to explore the limits of their own empathy.


Sebastián Lelio: Director


Original title: Una mujer fantástica Production year: 2017


2018 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film
2018 Golden Globe nominee for Best Motion Picture - Foreign Language



GENRE: Drama

DIRECTOR: Sebastián Lelio

Sebastián Lelio: Director

DURATION: 104 Mins

COUNTRIES: Spain, Chile, Germany, USA


2018 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film



  • “It may be a timely film, but it is its timelessness, as well as its depths of compassion, that qualify it as a great one”

    Ryan Gilbey, The Guardian

  • “Stunning, deeply involving”

    Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

  • “A gloriously nuanced performance [from Vega]”

    Stefan Pape, HeyUGuys

  • “Extraordinary... Shocking and enraging, funny and surreal, rapturous and restorative”

    David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Great film overall

    BY: Helen


    I was very positive and supportive about the film's main message. It has wonderful acting, fantastic filmatic detail and creative surprise in much of the film's detail. But I did not enjoy the film... Read more

  • Chilean film

    BY: Sylvia


    An interesting film, jumping on the bandwagon of sexual etc prejudice, but too many non sequiturs. Read more

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