Widely regarded as Andrei Tarkovsky’s finest film, Andrei Rublev charts the life of the great icon painter through a turbulent period of 15th-century Russian history which was marked by endless fighting between rival Princes and Tatar invasions. Made on an epic scale, it does not flinch from portraying the savagery of the time, from which, almost inexplicably, the serenity of Rublev’s art arose. The great set pieces – the sack of Vladimir, the casting of the bell, the pagan ceremonies of St. John’s Night and the Russian crucifixion - are tours-de-force of visceral filmmaking.


Andrei Tarkovsky
One of world’s most visionary, celebrated and influential filmmakers, Andrei Tarkovsky made just seven features before his tragically early death at the age of 54. Characterised by metaphysical and spiritual explorations of the human condition, each film is an artistic masterpiece of extraordinary visual beauty and stand as enduring classics of world cinema.


Aspect ratio: 16:9 Colour: B&W and part colour Production year: 1966 Original title: Andrey Rublyov DVD catalogue number: ART790DVD Blu-ray catalogue number: ART180BD Blu-ray special features: -Making-of featurette -Interview with actor Yuriy Nazarov -Selected scene commentary by film Mary Wild -36-page booklet DVD special features: -36-page booklet


Winner of the 1969 Cannes FIPRESCI Prize
Winner of the 1987 Jussi Foreign Language Film award

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Also part of Andrei Tarkovsky Deluxe Collection

GENRE: Drama, History


DIRECTOR: Andrei Tarkovsky

DURATION: 183 Mins



Winner of the 1969 Cannes FIPRESCI Prize




  • “It's Tarkovsky's lighter touches, coupled with his majestic vision, that makes Andrei Rublev such compulsive viewing”

    David Parkinson, Empire

  • “Its lack of stylisation and its subtlety will cause it to be recognised in years to come as one of the best Soviet works”

    Michael McNay, The Guardian

  • “Viewers and critics always have their personal favourites, but some films achieve a masterpiece status that becomes unanimously agreed upon – something that's undoubtedly true of Andrei Rublev... It is as close to transcendence as cinema gets”

    Steve Rose, The Guardian

  • “Solemn, magnificent, astounding”

    Jamie Russell, BBC

  • “One of cinema's all-time greatest films... Strongly recommended”


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