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The third Heimat completes the trilogy and brings together particularly the settings of Heimat 1. It follows the new generation of the Simon family, in a period spanning from 1989 to 2000. Germany changed dramatically in this period, and Edgar Reitz cleverly reflects the historical events through the characters’ lives. Heimat 3 begins on 9 November 1989. On the evening the Wall came down, former lovers conductor/composer Hermann Simon and singer Clarissa Lichtblau meet in a West Berlin hotel. Infected by the euphoria of the Germans, they set off for the Hunsrück. They are attracted by a romantic timber-framed house high above the Rhine valley and decide that henceforth it will be the centre of their restless lives. Hermann’s family, young building labourers from East Germany and friends, in the months after the fall of Communism, discover a world of new opportunities and try to carry out their plans. There are also newly settled Russian Germans looking for a better life in the West. The house acts as the crossroads for the stories. From here, the young people start off in life and it is here that everyone returns to greet the new millennium.


Edgar Reitz


DVD catalogue number: ART300DVD



Out now on DVD

GENRE: Drama


DIRECTOR: Edgar Reitz

DURATION: 125 Mins


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