Outkast’s André Benjamin stars as Jimi Hendrix in this revealing biopic from Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley (12 Years a Slave). Covering a year in Hendrix’s life from 1966 to 1967 as an unknown back-up guitarist playing New York’s Cheetah Club to making his mark in London’s music scene up until his Monterey Pop triumph, the film presents an intimate portrait of the sensitive young musician on the verge of becoming a rock legend. Featuring a mesmerising central performance, reincarnating Hendrix in stunning detail, this untold story of one of the greatest musicians that ever lived is a must-see for rock fans everywhere.

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John Ridley
Oscar winner John Ridley is known across a variety of media, having achieved success in the worlds of television and film, novels and plays. His script for the Steve McQueen directed 12 Years a Slave received numerous accolades, including an Oscar, a Spirit Award and a Scripter Award. Other projects reflect Ridley’s passion for telling the true and uncompromising stories of the minority experience in America. American Crime, a pilot written, directed, and executive produced by Ridley, centres on a racially charged murder and the subsequent trial. Let It Fall, an original script by Ridley about the Los Angeles riots, earned a coveted spot on The Black List. Ridley has also written a film for HBO, produced by HARPO, entitled The Other Wes Moore, based on the true story of two African American men from Baltimore with the same name whose lives went in very different directions. Ridley’s body of work includes the feature films U-Turn, Three Kings, Undercover Brother, and Red Tails; the hard-hitting novels Those Who Walk in Darkness and A Conversation with the Mann; his graphic novel ‘The American Way’; and his socio-political essay ‘The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American Nigger’, which was published in Esquire Magazine. Throughout, Ridley has built a reputation for social relevance and a willingness to forgo political correctness in pursuit of honest storytelling.


André Benjamin: Jimi Hendrix Hayley Atwell: Kathy Imogen Poots: Linda


DVD catalogue number: CFW731DVD Blu-ray catalogue number: CFW143BD



Out now on DVD, Blu-ray & on demand

GENRE: Drama, Biography, Music


DIRECTOR: John Ridley

André Benjamin: Jimi Hendrix
Hayley Atwell: Kathy
Imogen Poots: Linda

DURATION: 118 Mins





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