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Constance, Lady Chatterley, and her husband Clifford have been living at Wragby Hall on the Chatterley estate in the heart of England’s mining country for a year or two. Four years earlier, former army lieutenant Clifford returned from Flanders permanently paralysed from the waist down. Winter has descended on everything. Constance whiles away monotonous days, trapped by her marriage to Clifford and her sense of duty. Sad and indifferent to everything, she feels her vital energy gradually ebbing out of her. Her sister Hilda rushes to her aid. She demands that Clifford employ a nurse to look after him. Mrs Bolton moves into Wragby Hall and Constance’s new life begins. Spring time soon comes around. Outside, nature awakens, accompanying Constance on her first walks in the forest. But the forest is also the domain of Parkin, the gamekeeper of the estate. Parkin leads a life of self-imposed solitude in his house in the heart of the forest. The film is the story of Parkin’s relationship with Constance. It traces the profound impact he has on Constance’s life, their first awkward encounters and their subsequent discovery of each other, her slow sensual awakening and his lengthy journey back to life.


Pascale Ferran


DVD catalogue number: ART359DVD



Out now on DVD

GENRE: Drama, Romance


DIRECTOR: Pascale Ferran

DURATION: 168 Mins



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