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Left alone and apart after the death of their mother and the disappearance of their father, 19-year-old Boni and 15-year-old Nénette live solitary lives of confusion, frustration and anguish. Working as a pizza chef, Boni spends his days immersed in vivid sexual fantasies and his nights hanging out with local hoods while Nénette is stuck in a boarding school, seven months pregnant with an unwanted child. When Nénette decides to escape and arrives on Boni’s doorstep, the pair warily embark on a difficult, unsentimental and totally unpredictable emotional journey. A tender, touching portrait of two damaged lives driven apart by the strains of society, Nénette et Boni is shot through with symbolism, humour and an intimacy of expression that make it one of Claire Denis’ most sensitive, humane and accessible films.


Claire Denis


DVD catalogue number: ART632DVD



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Also part of The Claire Denis Collection

GENRE: Drama


DIRECTOR: Claire Denis

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