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Starting with “one of the greatest films about childhood, from anywhere, ever” (Anthony Quinn, The Independent), which kicked off the French New Wave, François Truffaut delivers an indisputable landmark of cinema history – five films, four features and one short, which follow the life of one charming, compelling and unforgettable character. Before anyone else, Truffaut allowed audiences to dip into one character’s life progressively over 20 years, witnessing him growing up from a child struggling with school and the law to an adult, struggling with love and divorce. A very special and unique collection, The Adventures of Antoine Doinel will invoke joy, humour, nostalgia and happiness time and time again as your investment in Antoine and his story progressively proliferates with each gloriously captured scene.


The 400 Blows
Stolen Kisses
Bed & Board
Love on the Run
Antoine and Colette


François Truffaut


DVD catalogue number: ART726DVD Blu-ray catalogue number: ART137BD



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DIRECTOR: François Truffaut

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