Set against the chaotic backdrop of recent Middle East conflicts, The Green Prince is a breathtaking, multi-layered thriller tracing the details of an unprecedented secret partnership between two sworn enemies. Telling the true story of the complex relationship between the son of a Hamas leader and the Israeli secret service agent who recruits him as an informant, this extraordinary documentary is a startling insight into the world of counter-espionage and a stunning account of power, betrayal and ultimately an unlikely friendship. Full of twists, turns and shocking revelations, The Green Prince is a powerfully gripping cinematic experience from the Oscar-winning producer of Man on Wire and Searching for Sugar Man.

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Nadav Schirman
Nadav Schirman’s first feature documentary, The Champagne Spy (2008), won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary, was shortlisted for the European Film Academy Award and won the John Schlesinger Award for Outstanding First Feature, as well as many other international awards and nominations. It is being adapted into a fiction film by Oscar-nominated producer Uli Limmer. The Champagne Spy centres on a son who discovers his father is a Mossad agent living undercover in Cairo. Shaped like a stylish 70’s spy film and featuring first time ever on- camera interviews of senior Mossad operatives, the film exposes the heavy personal toll of espionage on both the agent and his family. In Schirman’s second feature doc, In the Dark Room (2013), the wife and daughter of notorious terrorist Carlos “The Jackal” take a courageous journey beyond the shadows of his myth. Shot on 16mm film and adopting stylistic streaks of the new German cinema of the 80s, the film continues Schirman’s exploration of family relations under pressure, that take us into dark and dangerous worlds, in this case the birth of international terrorism. With The Green Prince, Schirman pushes the boundaries of the documentary genre by shaping a highly dramatic thriller. Collaborating with Oscar-winning producers Simon Chinn and John Battsek, Schirman and an A-list creative team have crafted an intensely suspenseful and emotionally gripping narrative that will turn everyone’s preconceptions of the Middle East conflict on its head. In 2012 Schirman launched A-List Films, a Frankfurt and Munich based production company that produced No Place on Earth (2013), The Green Prince.


Mosab Hassan Yousef: Himself


DVD catalogue number: ART741DVD



Out now on DVD & on demand

GENRE: Documentary


DIRECTOR: Nadav Schirman

Mosab Hassan Yousef: Himself

DURATION: 101 Mins

COUNTRIES: Germany, Israel, UK, USA

LANGUAGES: English, Hebrew



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