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A heartrending tale of fraught emotions and moral dilemmas, based around a young boy’s choice between keeping a promise and obeying his father, this gritty slice of urban realism launched the career of Jérémie Renier. This early masterpiece stars Jérémie Renier as 15-year-old Igor, who helps his small-time crook father (Olivier Gourmet) run a scam employing illegal immigrants on building sites. When one of the workers is fatally injured, Igor vows to the man that he will look after his wife and child – a promise that changes Igor’s life forever. Forced to face up to the moral implications of his father’s unscrupulous business dealings, Igor must make the gut-wrenching choice between filial loyalty and keeping his word.


Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne


Original title: La Promesse DVD catalogue number: ART625-2DVD



Out now on DVD

Part of The Dardenne Brothers Collection

GENRE: Drama


DIRECTOR: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

COUNTRIES: France, Belgium

LANGUAGES: French, Romanian

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