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An intricate, engrossing portrayal of an Albanian immigrant and the web of deceit, complicity and guilt that she finds herself embroiled in, The Silence of Lorna was rightly awarded Best Screenplay in Cannes 2008. Lorna, a young Albanian living in Belgium, has entered into a sham marriage with hapless drug addict Claudy in order to gain citizenship and become the legal owner of a snack bar. However, she soon discovers she is in fact an accomplice in a larger scheme, set up by a slippery mobster named Fabio, and that Claudy’s life is now in grave danger. Tense, terse and utterly compelling, the Dardenne brothers’ gritty, unflinching drama delves into the deepest recesses of ethical complexity and human empathy.


Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne


Original title: Le silence de Lorna DVD catalogue number: ART625-5DVD



Out now on DVD & on demand

Part of The Dardenne Brothers Collection

GENRE: Drama, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

COUNTRIES: France, Italy, Belgium, Germany

LANGUAGES: French, Albanian, Russian

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