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Set in an unnamed European country at an undisclosed time, Time of the Wolf tells the story of a family: Georges, Anne (Isabelle Huppert) and their two children Eva and Ben. Fleeing the city, the family arrive at their country home, hoping to find refuge and security, only to discover that it is already occupied by strangers. In the ensuing confrontation, their lives are changed forever. So begins a long and painful learning process and the discovery that nothing will ever be the same as they journey through a country devastated after a terrible disaster. Michael Haneke’s brilliant follow-up to The Piano Teacher was presented at the 2002 Cannes Festival where it screened out of competition (Patrice Chéreau, the president of that year's jury, stars in the film which made it ineligible for any award). Taking its title from Codex Regius, an ancient Germanic poem which describes the time before the 'Ragnarok' the end of the world, Time of the Wolf is a dark and brutally compelling apocalyptic drama. Reuniting Haneke with Isabelle Huppert, his award-winning star from The Piano Teacher, Time of the Wolf brings together an impressive ensemble cast including Patrice Chéreau, Béatrice Dalle, Olivier Gourmet and Serge Riaboukine.


Michael Haneke


DVD catalogue number: ART271DVD



Out now on DVD

Also part of The Films of Michael Haneke box set

GENRE: Drama


DIRECTOR: Michael Haneke

DURATION: 113 Mins


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