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The story begins just after the Red Army's invasion of Odessa. The Greek population become refugees and flee to their homeland. This is where the love story between Alexis and Eleni begins. Although the pair have grown up together, their love goes against the wishes of Alexis' father who sees in Eleni a suitable wife for himself. But prior to the wedding, Eleni has already secretly given birth to twins fathered by Alexis. The boys are given up for adoption in Thessaloniki. Eloping from their village, the young couple go to Thessaloniki where Alexis makes a living as an accordion player and the family is reunited. However, all of their efforts to keep their love intact are in vain. Finally, Alexis emigrates to the USA; Eleni is imprisoned for supporting opponents of the regime. The Second World War breaks out, Greece is occupied by the Italians and then by the Germans. After the war, the country plunges into civil war and the couple's sons fight on opposing sides. Eleni's life follows the course set by her country's ancient heroes - the struggle of the Seven against Thebes.


Theo Angelopoulos


DVD catalogue number: ART291DVD



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Also part of Theo Angelopoulos Collection Volume 3

GENRE: Drama, Romance, War


DIRECTOR: Theo Angelopoulos

DURATION: 169 Mins


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