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Established as one of French cinema's great masters, Alain Resnais has made one of his most accomplished films to date with this sparkling adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn's acclaimed comedy of manners. When not trying to find an apartment for his difficult clients Nicole (Laura Morante) and Dan (Lambert Wilson), Thierry (André Dussollier) tries to charm his alluring but saintly co-worker Charlotte (Sabine Azéma). She lends him a tape of her favourite religious TV programme, but Thierry’s in for a huge surprise. Meanwhile, his sister Gaëlle (Isabelle Carré) is on a quest of her own to find the love of her life. With the help of friendly bartender Lionel (Pierre Arditi),she meets Dan and they get on well until Gaëlle spots Dan with Nicole. Dan confides in Lionel, who has hired Charlotte as a night nurse for his terminally sick and unbearably rude father Arthur. Charlotte performs a miracle in getting Arthur to behave himself. She leaves behind a tape of her 'favourite religious TV programme'. Exploring the themes of loneliness and longing with great humour and compassion, Resnais artfully interweaves an intricate mosaic of scenes into a wonderfully entertaining and satisfying whole.


Alain Resnais


DVD catalogue number: ART357DVD



Out now on DVD

GENRE: Drama


DIRECTOR: Alain Resnais

DURATION: 126 Mins



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