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Loosely based on true events that have never been fully clarified, Eric Rohmer’s fascinating Triple Agent is a dizzying spy story as well as a morality tale about dissimulation and lying. Hinging on the drama of a couple in crisis under the looming shadow of World War II, it is a moving epic of love and betrayal. In 1936’s Paris, the newly elected Popular Front government in France and the civil war in Spain have sparked a turmoil of passion and confusion. Young White Russian army general Fyodor, now an émigré in Paris, and his Greek wife Arsinoé are caught up in the mood of uncertainty. She befriends her communist neighbours, while he makes secret trips abroad and playfully cultivates his friends’ anxieties. He doesn’t deny that he is a spy, but for who? The anti-Communist White Russians, the young Soviet Union, the Nazis or all three? Does he even know himself? For a man who loves his wife, he seems strangely willing to sacrifice her for the sake of a sordid conspiracy.


Eric Rohmer


DVD catalogue number: ART287DVD



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GENRE: Drama, Thriller


DIRECTOR: Eric Rohmer

DURATION: 116 Mins


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